NextGen Connect Integration Engine (formely Mirth Connect)

NextGen Connect (formerly Mirth Connect) is designed for seamless healthcare message integration. It is easily configurable, easily deployed, and scalable. In one word, it is an health information and data integration engine.

It solves the problem of sharing and exchanging data between healthcare applications. Data interchange is a significant problem in healthcare. There are numerous vendors, data providers, and custom applications that need to exchange information using evolving standards. Making things worse, many legacy healthcare applications do not support a standard, yet they are required to inter-communicate with other standards-based applications. Healthcare interface engines connect applications by mapping and transferring data between the applications using standards and data definitions understood natively by each application.

There are different health information systems such as labs, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and many others. Each of these systems might have different protocols, mismatched versions, and incompatible data. Some systems might actively use HL7, and DICOM images, while others simply have a database to read from or communicate with XML and comma separated values.

NextGen Connect can lie between any number of health information systems, whether protocol they support. It helps them just to communicate.