Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in C#

Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is a computational method for optimization of a problem by simulating a set of moving particles that move around a search-space. Now let’s say that you want to find the (global) minimum of the square function: f(x) = x[0]^2 + x[1]^2. The source code can be found on

Convert RT-Structures into binary images

With the help of plastimatch you can convert any rt-structure file into binary image by running: Now, if you wish to have the exported binary images of each structure registered with your rt-dose file, you can run: The plastimatch will generate the binary images in .nrrd format (also .mha can be specified in –prefix-format mha…

ESAPI: Retrieving DICOM files from ARIA DB

(comming soon)

DICOM resources

Standards: DICOM Standard browser Tools: – DVTk – dicompyler – Orthanc – DICOM Server

DICOM tags modification

A DICOM file is composed of a basic file structure which can be seen below: The header consists of a 128 byte File Preamble, followed by a 4 byte DICOM prefix. The header sometimes may not be included in the file. It depends on the application and the vendor. So, if you wish to check…

How to calculate a dose-volume-histogram

Dose-volume histogram (DVH)

A dose-volume histogram (DVH) is a histogram relating radiation dose to tissue volume in radiation therapy planning. DVHs are most commonly used as a plan evaluation tool and to compare doses from different plans or to structures. DVH summarizes 3D dose distributions in a graphical 2D format. In modern radiation therapy, 3D dose distributions are…

High performance looping

using System; using System.Collections.Concurrent; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Threading; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace FastLoopingConsole { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { Stopwatch sw = new Stopwatch(); long MaxNumber = 2500000000; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// long sum = 0; sw.Restart(); sum = 0; Parallel.For(0, MaxNumber, (i) => { Interlocked.Add(ref sum, (long) Math.Sqrt(i)); }); sw.Stop(); Trace.WriteLine($”Method_1 (Parallel.For): Sum…


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